Melting Chocolate Cake Recipe


Due to busy at work, I have not turned on my oven for months until last week (making brownie).
I got some emails asking for my melting chocolate cake recipe. It is not difficult to make one. If you are also interested, you can follow the below recipe.

125g. Bittersweet Chocolate
125g. Butter, Room Temperature
2 Eggs,
2 Yolks,
30g. Sugar
40g Flour, Sifted

Melt the chocolate & butter in a double boiler.
Whip the eggs, yolks, & sugar to the ribbon in pale yellow (about 5 mins).
Then fold in the melted chocolate.
Sift the flour into the mixture and fold.
Pour the mixture into the cups.
Bake in a 180oC oven for about 8 minutes (depends on cup size).
Let cool for a minute or so then unmold.

could you make a big one of these???? hmm sounds tasty

Can you convert the measurements to cups, pounds, teaspoons....etc? or show me a website so I can do that myself. Thanks

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