Quake in my country


I have something to share, finally. Don't know if anyone still visit my blog.

Perhaps you have already heard the news about China earthquake. And I want to share with you a bit more. Hope you can pray for the victims, and do donation for them.

WenChuan is the famous for being the home to the panda reserve and breeding centre. It was the epicentre of the earthquake and registered 7.9 on the moment magnitude scale on Monday afternoon.

The death toll is now more than 12,000 and set to rise.

As the quake took place during the afternoon class, thousands of students and teachers were being trapped in the rubble of schools. According to the news, a school at Dujiangyan collapsed and 900 kids are still underneath huge slabs of concrete. All of them are the single offspring of the one-child policy. Yes, in China, only one child is allowed for each family. So we can imagine how tough for those parents to bear.

Please pray for them. And try to do something for them as you can.

CodeGear Developer Day on March 20


Sorry for late post.

Tomorrow is CodeGear Developer Day in HongKong.
And I will be there for the morning session.

Details can be found on http://www.borlandpresents.com/edm/devday07/hk.html




BDS 2006 Product Seminar in Hong Kong


I can only say, better late than never.

It will be on coming Friday (Sept-22) and about the following items:
* The Roadmap of Delphi
* BDS 2006
* Modern Driven Development
* Multi-Tier Database Development
* Demostration
* Introduction of Turbo Product <------ main pt for me ;-)

The details can be found here.

Turbo Delphi


Happy to know Borland plans to launch Turbo Delphi in the coming third quarter. This Turbo product line is to "... offer low-cost, language-specific rapid application development capabilities for students, hobbylist developers, occupational developers as well as individual professionals."

I believe this is what most Delphi developers want Borland to do so for many years. When I tell some developers about this news, they all feel excited!! Good job!

More information can be found on http://www.turboexplorer.com

Great news for Delphi


Today read Nick's blog and know that he is hired to be Delphi product manager. I am very glad for this as Nick is a perfect person for the post. Congratulations, Nick!

Few days ago my boss was being challenged by a potential customer on Borland selling Delphi
out. The customer asked about any contingency plans will be provided what if the new company stops supporting some exisiting Delphi libraries, or what if the new owner no longer provides Delphi patch(es) or stops Delphi IDE product completely within several years.... finally the customer challenged why not choose a more common development tool for our apps. My boss must shout out %#X*$Z in his mind at that moment, I believe.

*What if* can bring out lots of questions and unknowns. We cannot promise anythings because all is not under our control, especially the future matters. But my customers and even some Delphi developers I know are really puzzling about Delphi future: Will DevCo be a tuning point for Delphi? Can Delphi keep alive?

Well, I believe our new Delphi product manager will dispel all doubts :)

Good news


Wooo hooooo!!!!! My boss tells me I will have BDS 2006 Enterprise very soon.

Working with chinese programmers


My *mission impossible* project becomes possible :D

Working with Chinese programmers in past 6 months.... and really shocked by them. No matter coding styles, debug methods, working attitudes.....
For example, I hate them putting comma at the beginning:

   Procedure A(Sender: TObject);

But finally I gave up asking them to put comma at the end of line, after 100 times.

Thanks Albert sharing how he spent whole morning to explain FieldByName to his colleague. It made me feel better, because I spent 6 hrs only to explain how and why using TField.OnValidate event to my *lovely* chinese programmer Zhang.

But I should thanks Zhang and other chinese colleagues as I know I am fussy and emotional sometimes.

Updated on 20.4.06

Gloria @ Paris


I love Paris, buildings, cultures, museums.... all are wonderful and impressive! And I find the Parisians are very friendly and helpful :)

Où est le metro?


Paris, I am coming


My Paris trip is finally confirmed and start now :-)
Now waiting for the plane Singapore Airport to Paris CDG...

A little bit excited, many many worries... and much tired... hahaa

Someone tells me I will meet many pickpockets in metro, many *big-noses* and full of dog xxxx on the street ... but still hope my trip will be romantic..hahaa... although I am alone.

Welcome, 2006!


Happy new year!

Had a break from my "mission impossible" project on Dec31 night, I went to Lixon's home for the small New Year's Eve party :) Just prepared a bottle of champagne to count down.... but my friends and I quite enjoyed! And we played UNO card game for the whole night. CRAZY and HAPPY!!
I love UNO very very much.... especially played with Wills and Lixon (they always love to play Draw2 and Draw4 on me...hehee...but they always forget I get a Draw4 card too..... )

Thank you so much, Lixon, Wills and Steve!
If without you guys and this party, my 2005 must be ended of boring and programming :P

In 2006, I hope I can be more "technical" and more "professional" :P, especially in Delphi!

Merry X'mas!!


Merry X'mas!! I wish all you have a sweet and happy Christmas holidays!!

These months I was busy with a "mission impossible" project... *_* besides development, I had worked with a team of china programmers, prepared design specifications and many many meetings. Lots of things want to share with you, especially the funny experience about working with china developers. But there are still some outstanding stuffs and bugs I need handle, like the midas bugs in Qc#8108, #14778, #20104.... Thanks Kostas Terzides kindly help in the newsgroup!

(Now I understand why people says no beauty being developer...)



why I am still at office??

D2005 Midas.dll


From distribucon.com, I find Delphi2005 Midas.dll which is (well.. it claims *should be*) backwards compatible with Delphi 5-7. Here is the list of bugs fixed;

QC#2019: nested CDS Edit/Post twice, master ApplyUpdates, Delta incorrect
QC#2083: MIDAS cannot read tables with fieldnames > 31 bytes
QC#2580: AggValueAsVariant causes Access Violation (fix included)
QC#3431: ScktSrvr.exe locks up on Multiprocessor systems
QC#4861: httpsrvr: access violations in TObjectManager.Destroy
QC#7790: ORDER BY problem
QC#7862: Description field too small
QC#8101: Nested M->D->D2 - AV on ApplyUpdates with update errors to master
QC#8128: Loss of DSP.DataSet.Param value causing zero records to be returned
QC#8172: TScrollingWinControl.UpdateScrollBars infinite recursion bug
QC#8257: Nested MDD - incorrect ChangeCount and Delta
QC#8427: TClientDataset.refresh will fail with "Datapacket contains no meta data" under certain conditions
QC#8838: CDS.FetchDetails incorrectly leaves DSP.DataSet open.
QC#8873: Wrong records fetched from DSP with CDS.PacketRecords > 0 and a parameterized query

It's probably an old news ;-)

Google Talk


I'm on Google Talk now :)
Google has launched a instant messenger service named Google Talk. It provides the instant messenging and voice over IP service, has a nice UI and easy to use.
If you want to try it but has no Gmail account, I can send you a Gmail invite.