D2005 Midas.dll


From distribucon.com, I find Delphi2005 Midas.dll which is (well.. it claims *should be*) backwards compatible with Delphi 5-7. Here is the list of bugs fixed;

QC#2019: nested CDS Edit/Post twice, master ApplyUpdates, Delta incorrect
QC#2083: MIDAS cannot read tables with fieldnames > 31 bytes
QC#2580: AggValueAsVariant causes Access Violation (fix included)
QC#3431: ScktSrvr.exe locks up on Multiprocessor systems
QC#4861: httpsrvr: access violations in TObjectManager.Destroy
QC#7790: ORDER BY problem
QC#7862: Description field too small
QC#8101: Nested M->D->D2 - AV on ApplyUpdates with update errors to master
QC#8128: Loss of DSP.DataSet.Param value causing zero records to be returned
QC#8172: TScrollingWinControl.UpdateScrollBars infinite recursion bug
QC#8257: Nested MDD - incorrect ChangeCount and Delta
QC#8427: TClientDataset.refresh will fail with "Datapacket contains no meta data" under certain conditions
QC#8838: CDS.FetchDetails incorrectly leaves DSP.DataSet open.
QC#8873: Wrong records fetched from DSP with CDS.PacketRecords > 0 and a parameterized query

It's probably an old news ;-)

Hi Gloria,

Am planning to move to higher version of midas, so your news is somewhat nice to hear.

They told us the Delphi 7.0 midas dll was backwards compatible with delphi 6.0 code. Not so as there were many problems as documented in the newsgroup. Stan

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