why I am still at office??

Life isn't all work! BTW, I had tried to stay in office till 2AM... i.e. midnight yeah! when I was young :P For the present job, I always leave sharp :)

... at least did you had your dinner ?... :-) I sometimes have to stay until late... when I had several server crashes... my record was staying at office until 6am an then going back to work at 9am sharp... terrible... but that is what sometimes the computer technology does to us :-)

Hey ... its part of the IT life we signed up on ... :)

its universal anywhere on earth.


I had instant cup noodle :)

izchan, I agree that working overtime is very common in our programming lives. But I don't like working too late (well... I think no one loves to do so).
Poor physical and mental status cause us need longer time to finish/solve the task, need do more face masks ( but dark cirles still here >.< help me!!). Finally, we'd find that we should go home immediately and do again in the next day :P

the life of IT :)

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