Merry X'mas!!


Merry X'mas!! I wish all you have a sweet and happy Christmas holidays!!

These months I was busy with a "mission impossible" project... *_* besides development, I had worked with a team of china programmers, prepared design specifications and many many meetings. Lots of things want to share with you, especially the funny experience about working with china developers. But there are still some outstanding stuffs and bugs I need handle, like the midas bugs in Qc#8108, #14778, #20104.... Thanks Kostas Terzides kindly help in the newsgroup!

(Now I understand why people says no beauty being developer...)

Merry Christmas!

Mission impossible? In fact one of my favorite games from the Apple ][ era is called Impossible Mission :P Really impossible for me to get it finished though... For the MIDAS bugs, hope Borland could really issue some working fixes of it in the coming release of Delphi :(

No beauty being developer? Try to make one yourself }:>

Hi, William!
Thanks your help in forum too!!

How's do you feel on D2006?

yet another reason why I love my job.

dealing with people who gives me ulcer. :P

Hi Gloria! In fact the field test version I got has already expired and the trial version has not been released, so little experience with D2006 for me :P Although I had already gotten my boss promising in purchasing D2006... well... even got quotation for D2005 last time, but :( low on budget... BTW, D2006 is quite responsive, which should be a lot better than D2005 :) I had created a few log on DeXter here

It is a pity that ktop has been down recently. Hope it could recover soon...

Good morning, William!
Hope you can share more about D2006. After my "Mission Impossible", I will do more investigation on D2006. My boss comments Borland support is not good... I guess it is due to the midas problem... he seems to think about other RAD tool :(...
I need do homework on Delphi

By the way, I just know midas D2006 is available now on

IMHO, no other RAD tool can even compete with Delphi on Win32, perhaps your boss should try VC++ + MFC... unless you want to try .NET. But I still think ECO III could put BDS on a better position than other tools :P

Refer to your midas problem... You will need to wait fixes from Borland since no one can rebuild that runtime package except Borland :( However, I think you could avoid the bug if you can implement your own way of update, i.e. do the updates yourself in the BeforeUpdateRecord event on the providers and do NOT raise any exception even for error, notify the client via other means instead. Lots of work though :<

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