Welcome, 2006!


Happy new year!

Had a break from my "mission impossible" project on Dec31 night, I went to Lixon's home for the small New Year's Eve party :) Just prepared a bottle of champagne to count down.... but my friends and I quite enjoyed! And we played UNO card game for the whole night. CRAZY and HAPPY!!
I love UNO very very much.... especially played with Wills and Lixon (they always love to play Draw2 and Draw4 on me...hehee...but they always forget I get a Draw4 card too..... )

Thank you so much, Lixon, Wills and Steve!
If without you guys and this party, my 2005 must be ended of boring and programming :P

In 2006, I hope I can be more "technical" and more "professional" :P, especially in Delphi!

happy new year gloria.

Happy new year :)

An interesting page:
A Delphi Developer Resolutions for 2006

izchan and William,
Happy new year!!!
How's your new year eve?

new year eve? sleeping like a pig :P

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