Working with chinese programmers


My *mission impossible* project becomes possible :D

Working with Chinese programmers in past 6 months.... and really shocked by them. No matter coding styles, debug methods, working attitudes.....
For example, I hate them putting comma at the beginning:

   Procedure A(Sender: TObject);

But finally I gave up asking them to put comma at the end of line, after 100 times.

Thanks Albert sharing how he spent whole morning to explain FieldByName to his colleague. It made me feel better, because I spent 6 hrs only to explain how and why using TField.OnValidate event to my *lovely* chinese programmer Zhang.

But I should thanks Zhang and other chinese colleagues as I know I am fussy and emotional sometimes.

Updated on 20.4.06

pfrrlll 8-) I had to explain it to him again the day after.... :-). His favorite message at the delphi IDE is "unknown identifier" it appears about the 99.9% of his compile tries :-)

Emotional... not bad. By doing so you know you are not a coding machine :D

Hi, I'm very interested in learning the best practices to include chinese translations into Delphi Apps without adding any special components.

I'd like a chinese coder to contact me to provide me a few tips on this....

Thanks, Sergio Matteoda

Sergio, which Delphi version you use?

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