Great news for Delphi


Today read Nick's blog and know that he is hired to be Delphi product manager. I am very glad for this as Nick is a perfect person for the post. Congratulations, Nick!

Few days ago my boss was being challenged by a potential customer on Borland selling Delphi
out. The customer asked about any contingency plans will be provided what if the new company stops supporting some exisiting Delphi libraries, or what if the new owner no longer provides Delphi patch(es) or stops Delphi IDE product completely within several years.... finally the customer challenged why not choose a more common development tool for our apps. My boss must shout out %#X*$Z in his mind at that moment, I believe.

*What if* can bring out lots of questions and unknowns. We cannot promise anythings because all is not under our control, especially the future matters. But my customers and even some Delphi developers I know are really puzzling about Delphi future: Will DevCo be a tuning point for Delphi? Can Delphi keep alive?

Well, I believe our new Delphi product manager will dispel all doubts :)

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