Turbo Delphi


Happy to know Borland plans to launch Turbo Delphi in the coming third quarter. This Turbo product line is to "... offer low-cost, language-specific rapid application development capabilities for students, hobbylist developers, occupational developers as well as individual professionals."

I believe this is what most Delphi developers want Borland to do so for many years. When I tell some developers about this news, they all feel excited!! Good job!

More information can be found on http://www.turboexplorer.com

I am very excited, too... especially those .NET versions of Turbo would include ECO! Well done DevCo!

William, which Delphi version you are using now?

Using Delphi 2006 Architect, u know it is not cheap... Luckily I made the boss buying it finally :P

Great! My boss bought me a box of D2006 Enterprise :)

William, do you think there will be a big gap between Turbo edition and D2006?

Certainly a big gap! Turbo version should be a limited Pro version. With only single personality and inability to install multiple Turbo versions on the same machine making it no match with D2006 :)

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