Just so you know, the counter is adding popup ads to your page. Look at the source code for this script, connected to the webstats4u counter:

I recommend, which works great, and doesn't even require an image on your page unless you want one.

Take it easy Gloria.... it can not be so bad... love is allways around the corner ;-)

Cheer up!

舊o既唔去新o既唔o黎 :)

Thanks your suggestion.

Albert and William,
thanks... but really not easy. Now is 100 hours in a day for me :(

I know it is not easy... really... what I said was not a easy drop of words... I have experienced this allready... It is normal you feel bad.. But don't let nobody to get you down... Just call some of your friends, make an appointment for friday night... dress you up... and you will see the light again... ;-)

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