Quake in my country


I have something to share, finally. Don't know if anyone still visit my blog.

Perhaps you have already heard the news about China earthquake. And I want to share with you a bit more. Hope you can pray for the victims, and do donation for them.

WenChuan is the famous for being the home to the panda reserve and breeding centre. It was the epicentre of the earthquake and registered 7.9 on the moment magnitude scale on Monday afternoon.

The death toll is now more than 12,000 and set to rise.

As the quake took place during the afternoon class, thousands of students and teachers were being trapped in the rubble of schools. According to the news, a school at Dujiangyan collapsed and 900 kids are still underneath huge slabs of concrete. All of them are the single offspring of the one-child policy. Yes, in China, only one child is allowed for each family. So we can imagine how tough for those parents to bear.

Please pray for them. And try to do something for them as you can.

I still do read your blog, gloria. May prays go to all chinese. When something serious is opened/established for donations here in catalonia I will do make a donation for sure.

Nice to meet you again here, Albert!
I should spend some time to update my blog, at least my photo (no longer a college girl now).

The situation in China is very serious now, many people are still underneath the collapsed buildings and wait for the rescue. Over 60,000 people still missing in WenChuan. And the weather is not good that makes the rescue more difficult.

Please spread this message around and pray for them.

Yes... I still got your rss link included in my rss reader :)

For the earthquake... let's pray for those who had been suffering.

Gloria --

I'm glad to hear from you again, and I hope you are well.

Yes, the earthquake is a tragegy, and we are praying for all the families that have lost loved ones.

It didn't occur to me that with the one child per family rule, many of those children would be the only child of their parents. Even more sad.


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Hi, Gloria, live in Brazil, I am a software developer and I found your blog searching of Midas Tecnology. I was touched with his testimony about the earthquake, and certainly everyone here always prayed for the victims. We have too many religious sites, and Father Fabio de Melo was a beautiful testimony about a group of children who were buried, and one of them had the strength to sing so that others do not come in despair.
We will continue praying for the families.

--- Original text in Portuguese ---
Oi Gloria, moro no Brasil, sou desenvolvedor de software e achei seu blog pesquisando sobre midas. Fiquei sensibilizado com seu depoimento sobre o terremoto, e com certeza aqui todos sempre rezaram pelas vítimas. Nós temos aqui muitos sites religiosos, e o Padre Fabio de Melo fez um depoimento lindo sobre um grupo de crianças que ficaram soterradas, e uma delas teve a força de cantar para que as outras não entrassem em desespero.
Vamos continuar rezando para as famílias.

This site is of Father Fabio, which is the evidence that I mentioned


hi Gloria,

are you still around?
you have not updated your blog for quite some time, and kinda worried about you.

are you doing okay?
sorry to troubles, i have been trying to contact you for some time,

your friend.

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